Short musical Bio 

I was born in 1964 in the beautiful town of Ålesund on the middle west coast of Norway , where I still live today.


I took my education as a professional guitarist and guitar teacher at Agder Musikkonservatorium (Conservatory of Music) in Kristiansand, from 1987-89.

I work full time as a guitar teacher at Ålesund Kulturskole (School of Music and Arts) and

Fagerlia v.g.skole;musikklinja(High School of Music) in Ålesund.  I have also previously worked at several other local Music schools. 


I also play and have played in several local bands, in addition to doing various gigs as a session guitarist (sometimes even bassist), live or in the studio; with various local musicians, singers, bands and choirs.  Style-wise I've done all kinds of things; jazz/rock/fusion, pop, blues, big band jazz, theatre/show/cabaret, musicals, gospel, church music etc.  


In addition to the numerous local soloists, bands, orchestras and choirs I have worked with, I have also played with some significant national and international artists; for instance norwegian trumpeter Jan Magne Førde  (from The Brazz Brothers), norwegian singer/songwriter Ola Bremnessinger Jorun Irene Erdalinternational gospel artists Jessy Dixon and Renee Clark, swedish singer and classical guitarist Göran Fristorp, norwegian vocalist Kim Fairchild, to name a few.


Back in 1991 I had my "Minutes of Fame" on National Prime Time Television, when I participated in the high profiled talent show ”Talentiaden” playing one of my own compositions.  I didn't make it all the way to the finals, but I got to play live on TV with a great band conducted by Jens Wendelboe, and I won a money prize, too, so I was quite happy with it all..   (VIDEO)



In 2007 I discovered Youtube, and I started making a few guitar videos myself just for fun.  The first one I made was "Canon Rock - New Version with a twist", which was my take on the youtube phenomenon "Canon Rock", originally of course based on J. Pachelbel's classical piece "Canon In D".  This video actually became quite a success, to my big surprise, with over 400000 views so far, and thousands of positive comments.  (VIDEO)      After that I made many more videos, among them a couple of video series where I'm playing through the "Evolution history of rock guitar", also with a lot of positive response  (see my YoutubeChannel).  As of today I have more than 1.2 million views on my youtube channel, and this is quite overwhelming to me..


So based on these positive experiences, I decided to finally make the solo album that I had been thinking about for over 20 years..  January 2011 my debut album, "Axe-Files", was released through cdbaby, read more here.   (And hopefully there will be more to come.. :-)